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How to spend a crane on a busy day

The price of a crane is down about 4 percent from its peak last week as the country struggles with an inflation problem, but some investors are hoping it will

What to know about the Rand Bitcoin exchange rate

AUSTRALIA’S RANCH IS IN FIRE.The Australian dollar has plunged to its lowest level against the US dollar in almost a year and is now down almost 50% against the euro.The US currency was trading at $1.1679 at 1:20pm AEST, down 50 cents from yesterday’s close of $1,1883.It was down to $1 and
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Netanyahu to Netanyahu: We are in a crisis

The Israeli Prime Minister will be asked on Thursday whether he is prepared to take any unilateral steps that could destabilize the peace process with the Palestinians, which has been

How to Profit from the Rainbow Currency Stock Market

The rainbow currency is here, and it’s here to stay.As of yesterday, investors have been able to buy and sell rainbow currencies using their wallets.The market is still relatively new,
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Indian currency’s latest surge to new highs: Mint

The Indian rupee has hit a new high against the US dollar as the US Federal Reserve continued its “quantitative easing” programme.The currency jumped to $1.2532 from $1,1912 on Tuesday,

What do you think about the latest news from the UK?

TalkSport: What do we think of the latest UK news?The Bank of England’s governor, Mark Carney, has described the eurozone as “the greatest financial disaster in the history of mankind”.
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China’s yuan plunges as oil price hits new lows

China’s Yuan has plummeted sharply as oil prices hit new lows, a move that could make it harder for Chinese exporters to compete in the global energy market.China’s currency rose

Why the price of Facebook has been on the rise

On Monday, Facebook released its quarterly results for the second quarter, which showed that the company had nearly doubled its revenue from the previous quarter to $1.9 billion.Facebook said it