A good way to get your fake money to the masses is to get it through the mail, but for those looking to make money, they have an alternative.

A new scam using fake currency has seen users posting fake banknotes for sale on various sites.

Here are the top tips to make sure you’re buying real money.

Fake currency scams are becoming increasingly common.

People often buy these fake money for a very good price, often as low as $50, but many times they’re not.

What you need to know about fake moneyWhat is fake money?

Fake money is a legal fiction used by criminals to make illicit payments, such as a bank transfer, online shopping or to make fraudulent purchases.

It’s also used by those in the banking industry to conceal their real identity, so that they can avoid detection when conducting online transactions.

Fake money scams have risen in popularity in recent years, with millions of fake bank notes being purchased online.

The latest scam involves using fake banknote to buy fake cash.

The scam began when a woman named Karine M, a Belgian, posted a picture of a fake bank note on Reddit.

She described herself as a financial expert who specializes in fake money.

Karine said she had bought the fake note on eBay and used it to send money to her mother.

Karines mother had previously sent her a fake note from Belgium.

“When I sent my mother the money, she said, ‘Karine, that’s fake money,'” she said.

“She said it was for her mother, for the money that she wanted to send to her.”

Karine also sent a picture to her mom, saying she was sending money from Belgium to her.

She told her mother that she had a problem, saying: “Karine this is fake and that’s my mother.

I’ve bought the note.

I don’t have to go to the bank and show my mother it’s my money.”

Karines mom told her daughter she had to take Karine to the police to report the fraud, so Karine sent a screenshot of the note to the fake bank.

“It was just a screenshot, but I just had to send it and send it to her, and Karine didn’t have any money,” Karine said.

The police were alerted to the scam, and the Belgian police were called in to investigate.

Karina was arrested.

Karino said her bank sent her fake money as part of a larger scheme to disguise her identity and steal money.

“The whole thing is so transparent, the only thing that was really suspicious is that they didn’t tell me who Karine was or who they were dealing with.

That was very strange,” she said of the bank.

The Belgian police and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) have both launched an investigation.

Karriels mother was arrested, and she was charged with fraud and money laundering.

Karouine M was arrested and charged with money laundering, but she was released on bail and is due to appear in court on August 21.

Kario M said the scam has become a major problem for her, as she has to deal with hundreds of thousands of fake money in her bank account each month.

“There are thousands of them, all around, and it is difficult to find a bank that will accept them.

You have to ask for a bank check, or ask for an international bank, and you have to pay a fee,” she told News.au.”

This is the second time that I’ve done this, but it’s still going on.”