Coinbase has added more Litecoin, Ether and Bitcoin trading options to its service, including two new currencies, the FX currency and the currency of the Philippines.

The Coinbase FX trading app will be available for both Bitcoin and Ether for both the US and Canada.

The FX currency will be offered in both the $US10 and $US20 range.

It is not clear how much the Philippines will pay for the FX.

The currency’s price fluctuates based on the Philippines central bank’s interest rate, which varies from -0.25% to 0.5%.

The Philippines pegged the FX rate at 3.15%.

The FX currency is not yet available on Coinbase’s main platform, Coinbase Trading, and Coinbase’s platform does not currently have a Litecoin or Ether option.

Coinbase currently has an exchange for the currency in the Philippines, though it is not available in Coinbase’s current app.

The Philippines’ currency is pegged to the US dollar, which has historically made it difficult for foreign investors to buy and sell its pegged currency.

This has caused a shortage of funds in the country, and has left the Philippines in a severe financial state.

The US Central Bank has already begun warning the Philippines that it may default on its debts, prompting the Philippine government to begin an investigation into the currency.

Bitcoin is also a widely accepted payment method for remittances, and bitcoin exchanges in the US, UK, and other countries are often not as reliable as those in the region.

Bitcoin has been rising in value since the US Federal Reserve’s decision in late December to raise interest rates to 1%, which is the first increase in more than two years.