Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping in Myanmar.


Choose a currency that is stable.

The Myanmar National Bank (NNB) will offer a currency swap program if you want to use your Myanmar currency for purchases and withdrawals.

It’s worth noting that Myanmar’s currency is not backed by the central bank and is subject to a range of fluctuation and exchange rates.

You can usually find a Myanmar dollar on the streets of major cities and even online.


Make sure to check the validity of your purchase.

You need to know the validity and validity of a purchase to use it for transactions.

Myanmar has a long history of currency issues and you should always check the bank statement for any changes to the currency.


Avoid cash in envelopes.

Many foreign tourists use envelopes as an alternative way to purchase goods and services in Myanmar and it is best to avoid cash in the envelope as you might end up with a bad impression when visiting the country.

You should also avoid buying goods in enveloped bags as they will contain a lot of paper.


Know your rights.

In most countries, tourists are required to pay taxes on their purchases and receipts as well as their purchase price.

You must always be aware of your rights and the rights of your goods and the local laws when shopping abroad.


Pay attention to the customs rules in Myanmar to ensure that your purchase is safe.

Check the official websites of each country for their tax and customs laws and be sure to keep up with the latest news.

You will also find local guides on buying in Myanmar at some of the country’s most popular sites such as GoMEX.


Do not use the same credit card for multiple purchases.

Many credit cards have a “card redemption” option in which you can purchase your purchase with the same amount.

This is a great way to save money in Myanmar, but if you choose to use the card for more than one transaction you will not be able to use that same card for a purchase of the same product in the future.

If you do not want to be charged additional fees, you should contact the issuer to cancel the purchase.


Do NOT use a prepaid card.

You might be surprised to learn that Myanmar does not charge a fee for using prepaid cards for purchases.

The main difference between prepaid and traditional prepaid cards is that traditional prepaid has to be redeemed by the bank within 14 days of the date of purchase.

In the case of prepaid cards, you can use your payment method at any time after that.


Do remember that the Myanmar government does not issue any taxes.

You are expected to pay the tax on your purchase and in the case that you have a tax bill, the government will refund it to you.


Be prepared to pay fees for services.

If it is your first time visiting Myanmar, the best thing you can do is to prepare your travel documents so that you can enter Myanmar at the airport and obtain a visa.

However, if you are planning to visit Myanmar for a longer period, you may be asked to pay additional fees for your trip.

You may also be asked for identification details.

The authorities are also often required to collect personal identification details and are not allowed to share this information with the public.

The National Police (NPA) is also responsible for issuing passports, driving licences and other government issued documents.


You cannot bring your family members with you.

Myanmar is a very small country, and it may take a while to get a visa to enter Myanmar.

You could be arrested if you do so and could face fines.

The government does allow some exceptions to this rule, such as for people with a valid health card or for family members who are visiting Myanmar.


Know the local customs laws.

You want to make sure that you are aware of the customs laws in your destination country.

There are no official laws in Myanmar regarding buying, selling or exchanging currency.

However you should be aware that you must abide by the local regulations as this is an important part of the tourism experience.


If the currency you are using is not of the Myanmar standard, be sure that it is in a form that the NPA is allowed to use.

The NPA also uses local currencies in some places, including in its official currency and Myanmar’s national currency.

For example, if a person has a passport, the NVA may be used to purchase Myanmar’s official currency.

If your passport is issued in Myanmar’s local currency, you will need to use this currency for your purchases and withdrawal.


Make note of the prices.

You do not have to use a particular price for your purchase in Myanmar because it will be the price that the local currency exchange office will use to price the products.

Myanmar prices are often higher than the international prices, which are sometimes higher than local prices.

Be sure to use accurate prices to ensure a fair exchange.


Buy in Myanmar with a good credit score.