I’m Andrew Bloomberg.

I work in Bitcoin and Blockchain tech, and I’ve been building an open source cryptocurrency wallet for the past few years.

It’s called Jpy, and I’m very excited to announce that it’s open source!

For starters, Jpy can be used for any cryptocurrency, and you can read more about it here: https://github.com/Bloomberg/Jpy-Cryptocurrency-Wallet I’ve already got a working wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I’m also planning on releasing the Jpy wallet for Ripple, XRP, and other crypto currencies in the future.

Jpy is an easy to use wallet that provides full security and privacy, as well as a powerful GUI for managing your crypto wallet.

You can also get the JPy wallet for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and read about the details here: http://jpy.github.io/ Jpy is a fork of the Bitcoin Core client, which is a lightweight, secure, and extensible cryptocurrency wallet.

The Jpy team is actively developing new features and adding new features for Jpy to make it even more convenient for developers.

The Jpy project was started by a small group of Bitcoiners from across the globe, and now has over 250 contributors and nearly 300 commits, with over a million lines of code. 

It’s an exciting time for crypto!

The cryptocurrency market is booming, with the price of Bitcoin soaring past $1,100, and Jpy’s team is making a significant contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Read more about Jpy: https:/ /github.