The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange is adding more currency to its roster with the introduction of new fiat and crypto-backed currencies, including Neo.

Neo, a digital currency that was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, is now available in the US and is also available in Canada and Australia.

Neo is now also available for Canadian citizens.

The exchange says the Neo currency is designed to give people access to financial services in a more efficient way and to provide them with a digital wallet that will allow them to store and manage their funds securely.

Neo launched on August 25 and was initially available only in the United States and Canada, but has now been launched in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark.

Neo’s price has been rising steadily since its launch, from around $4 to $12.50 per Neo in recent days.

The crypto-based currency is currently the third-most traded currency on the NEO exchange after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In 2018, Neo surpassed the $30 billion market cap of Bitcoin and surpassed Ethereum as the second most traded cryptocurrency on the platform.

NEO has a number of features that make it ideal for users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Users can purchase Neo for USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, NZD, RUB, and AUD.

In addition to Neo, users can also purchase crypto-currency tokens for use in crypto-related services, including payments for goods and services.

The NEO platform is currently available for both US and Canadian citizens and is a great way for people to diversify their investments, and Neo’s ability to support multiple currencies is an added benefit for users.