The UK’s Office of Budget Responsibility has announced a new set of guidelines to help guide consumers as they navigate the digital world.

The Office of Economic Strategy has been tasked with creating a set of digital guidelines that can help businesses navigate the new digital landscape and help consumers make the most of their new electronic devices.

As part of the new guidelines, consumers can now be given the option to pay for their new devices through the Office of Finance as a way to support local businesses.

If the purchase is made through a retailer, a fee will be charged to the customer, with the retailer responsible for all costs associated with the purchase.

This fee will apply to the total purchase price and is set to be the same as the Retail Price Guide.

There is also a change to how the Office calculates the value of a digital device.

Users will now be able to see the price per gigabyte (GB) of storage as a percentage of the total cost of the device.

This has been done to give more context to the digital value of devices and to make it easier for consumers to compare prices and compare options.

Businesses will also be able access data from the Office for their own purposes, with some new tools for business owners to use. 

A ‘Digital Finance’ section will also provide guidance on the use of digital currency.

In a nutshell, the new rules allow consumers to make payments for their digital devices through a variety of methods including, credit cards, credit card applications, mobile phones, online payments, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

“This guidance will make it simpler for consumers and businesses to get on the right path to digital prosperity, while ensuring the financial stability of businesses,” said John Garlow, Chief Executive of the Office Of Budget Responsibility.

According to the Office, over the next four years, the UK will see a doubling of its population.

It says the number of digital transactions will increase by 300 million, with one in ten households now using digital technology for all their household activities.

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