Free to be played games are still popular with players in Australia, but the game industry is struggling to get the word out about them.

“Free to play games have been a big success in Australia,” a senior industry industry source told News Corp Australia.

The industry source said the industry had to “learn how to do the right thing”.

“You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to do this game’,” the source said.

“You have to go into this knowing that it’s going to be hard and it’s a challenge.”

Free to be play games are a lucrative market.

Industry sources said there was a “significant” need for free to be plays in Australia.

“There is an enormous demand for free-to-play games in Australia and the Australian game industry needs to be ready to deliver on that demand,” the source added.

In an effort to keep free to play growing, industry sources have been talking about offering players more “value”.

“Free-to play games will be around for a long time to come and we are working to provide more value,” the industry source added, without giving details.

Players will be able to purchase in-game currencies like gold and platinum and use them to purchase items and unlock content, such as multiplayer games.

Other industry sources told News Corporation Australia free to played games were not an option for some game developers, who wanted to keep playing games for the cash.

“The only way to keep games coming back to the Australian market is to be very upfront about it and offer a good service for players,” the gaming source said, adding the industry needed to be more transparent about its free to game offering.

While some games had already been offered in-store, some had been offered through digital downloads, such the free to-play Minecraft.

The industry also needed to get its games onto mobile, as there was not enough demand, according to industry sources.

“We need to be making sure we’re making games that people will want to play on their phones, tablets and PCs,” the entertainment source said of free to games.

“So if you’re going to offer a game for a game that is free, then you need to make sure you’re offering a good game.”

“It’s important that people know what it is and what it can offer.”

Free-play game developer Nicalis said it had been looking at free to plays for several years.

Nicalis chief executive Justin Bailey said it would “never stop making games”.

“There are no plans for it to be discontinued.

We think free to players are the future of the industry,” he said.

He said he was not surprised that players were buying games for cash.

The game industry source described the “disruption” that free to to play had created in the industry as a “disaster”.

“I’m sure it’s not the only one,” the game source said about the industry’s free toplay offerings.

“It may be a new, exciting way of doing things but we’re going through a period where the opportunity for new players is limited.”