The US has a deficit that is now $5.5 trillion, with more than $800 billion in unpaid bills.

We are a debt crisis.

It is time for Americans to come together, unite and fix our broken financial system.

We need to get our finances in order and begin to pay down our debt in the next year.

The Trump tax cut will allow us to do just that.

It will pay for our infrastructure investments, expand the economy, and restore jobs.

It should not cost us anything to pay for this.

Trump will not cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

He will not end the Deficit on his first day in office, nor will he stop protecting America’s workers and our veterans.

The American people deserve better.

We owe our country a debt-free future.

We cannot afford to lose the middle class.

Donald Trump is the only candidate running to save our country.

I know you want to know what I believe in, but the facts are in.


The Tax Cut, which is $3,600 per year, will increase the standard deduction for middle-class families from $6,000 to $12,000, a deduction that is almost $20,000 lower than what many Americans currently receive.

The Tax Curl will raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour by 2020, and allow businesses to provide more paid sick days.

The President’s plan is a win for America.

It provides a better future for our families and our communities, while providing an opportunity to rebuild the American Dream.

In addition, we have a President who will stand up to China, Iran, Russia, China, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

We will stand with our allies, including Israel and Japan.

The U.S. has an opportunity right now to lead the world on the global stage.

It’s time for the world to unite behind the United States and President Trump.

Trump has promised to bring back jobs and bring back our economy, but this President is taking us backwards.

We should stop being distracted from the big issues facing America, such as the opioid epidemic, the trade war, the Iran nuclear deal, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

We have to get to work to help our country heal from this tragedy and to rebuild our country as an example for the rest of the world.

We must end the pandemic and rebuild our economy and create a better world.

Trump has promised that we will put America first, that we are not going to let anybody get away with anything, that he will build a wall and Mexico will pay us for it, and that he would end the war on drugs.

The facts are clear.

The president is right.

The world has to put America’s interests first, and he has shown it again.

I am the only one who has been able to put a plan together that actually will help rebuild our great country and create good jobs for our workers and for our country’s future.

We must take action now.

We can no longer afford to wait and see what the President will do, or how it will affect him.

We know that he has a plan, and we are in the process of developing it.

It must be done now.

Trump must immediately begin the process to put together a plan that will help protect America and create jobs for all Americans.

The next few weeks will be critical.

The public is calling on President Trump to take action to put the American people first.

It begins with a plan to protect our economy from the threats of the pandemics and economic disruption from trade wars.

President Trump must begin the implementation of that plan immediately.

I will be the only President in history to take office with the lowest unemployment rate in nearly three decades.

We already know that the world is not prepared to help us recover from this pandemic.

Trump should work with Congress and our allies to address the root causes of our economic problems and rebuild America’s infrastructure.

This President has taken us backward, and I intend to put it back on the right track.

I have laid out a plan which will help our economy get back on track, help our veterans and rebuild the country as a beacon of hope and strength in the face of the crisis.

As President, I will focus on the needs of American families and communities and will bring back manufacturing jobs.

That is why I am proud to announce that I will work with my fellow Republicans in Congress to pass the American Manufacturing Jobs Act, a comprehensive tax reform bill that will create nearly $1 trillion in jobs