How to get into the 2018 Serie A season

Serie A has confirmed that it will be returning to the top flight for the first time since 1998.The first-team will take on champions Inter in Turin on February 26.The

US dollar falls to lowest level since September

The US dollar has slipped against the euro to a three-month low against the pound after Donald Trump’s decision to end an agreement with Europe on free trade.Trump’s announcement on

What to do if you lose your money in a bitcoin scam

The first bitcoin-related news item of the week is about a recent $2.5m scam that left one person in the country’s capital dead and another in a coma.But there’s more to this story than meets the eye.Here’s a look at how bitcoin scams work and how to avoid them.The basics: What is
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Why Singapore is a “real money” country

Singapore has made a lot of strides to become a “full fledged” financial hub.While the city’s currency remains pegged to the US dollar, Singapore’s economy has blossomed thanks to a